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Best Folding Pocket Knives for Camping

Best Folding Pocket Knives for Camping

Folding Pocket Knives Review: When we think about camping many things come into mind. The most important of them is cutlery. This stuff is not only used for preparing food, but also the best and necessary survival tool as well. We would recommend a good fixed blade...

Best Boning Knife for Chicken | Expert Reviews

Best Boning Knife for Chicken | Expert Reviews

When it comes to preparing and de-boning the meat, you really need the right tools. No one would like to prepare the chicken dish with just an ordinary boning knife that can’t even chop the veggies properly. So, to move your hands through muscles and ball-joints like...

How To Open An Oyster Without An Oyster Knife?

How To Open An Oyster Without An Oyster Knife?

Do you like doing things the natural way? If that’s so, then you have come to the right place. We are here to provide you with authentic information about shucking an oyster without any oyster shucker. Don’t know what is shucking oysters? Don’t worry! The process of...

Best oyster shucking knives

Best oyster shucking knives

What makes the best oyster shucker? Of course, a durable sturdy non-sharp blade and a good grip handle. Without these two things, your knife isn’t going to shuck an oyster in the right way. When the market is flooded with different oyster shucking knives, it becomes...

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5 Types Of Knife Sharpeners To Make Sharpening Easy


Knives are supposed to be sharp because this is what makes their worth. If you have a knife that is not sharp enough to cut even a paper, it is just a toy.

You need a knife sharpener by your side to get rid of this hassle. If you don’t know how to use a kitchen knife sharpener, don’t panic.

7 Best Japanese Chef Knife Under 100


The quality of a knife doesn’t depend on the money you spend but on your choosing ability. You can buy a knife at $1000 and it won’t be sharp enough. So, why not invest smartly and buy the best Japanese chef knife under 100 this season?

Japanese knives are considered one of the best knives because of their precision cuts, ultra-sharp blades, and smooth edge finishing. All your kitchen maneuverers and cooking ventures will be more thrilling and enjoyable when you have a nice and sharp Japanese chef knife in your hand. 

Frequently Asked Questions & Popular Topics

Can we use a slicing knife for brisket?

When it comes to slicing Brikset you cannot simply use any slicing knife. That is probably because of the high fat content in it. It is better to use a boning knife or knives that are meant specifically for briskets. We have some best knife for slicing brisket available.

What are Japanese style knives?

Japanese Knives are a very commonly used kind of Chefs knife now. These are made from traditional techniques. Usually the blade of a Japanese knife is made from stainless steel or hagane which is the same material used to make Japanese samurai swords. You can also get best Japanese Chef Knife under 100 to stay in your budget. They are also very durable and sharp.

Why do we need a cleaver?

A cleaver is a knife with a big rectangular blade. It is widely used around the globe as a kitchen or butcher knife. they are very efficient in cutting through the bones. We have the best Chinese cleaver in 2020. These are best for tendering, cutting and smashing meat as well as veggies.

Why do pocket knives have multiple blades?

As pocket knives are meant for using when you are out or traveling, they should be capable of doing multiple tasks. Multiple blades allow them to perform different tasks during camping etc. You can find one in the best folding pocket knives for camping where you can select according to your need.

Do we need a separate knife for cutting meat?

Meat has a very different texture than vegetables. You need an extra ordinary knife to perfectly slice or carve meat. The best knives for cutting meat will help you get the knife you want.

Can we buy good knives in a budget?

They say cheap is not good quality but that is not always true. You can find some amazing knives while staying in your budget. To save your time, here are best kitchen knives under 100 that will cost you less but will last long.